Cost Containment

Cost Containment

World Travel Protection works to optimize savings for clients.

World Travel Protection has a cost containment focus to ensure continued optimization of savings for our clients. In the United States, expenses relating to emergent medical episodes typically result in large unforeseen costs. With the US being a top destination for many international travellers it is important to minimize these expenses by offering a comprehensive cost containment solution.

We are always looking to expand and enhance our global footprint and invite professional, reputable organizations to join our GlobalCare Network. If you would like to be considered as part of our provider panel, we would request you proceed to register your interest via the Expression of Interest form.



Case Management

We provide directional care to the most appropriate provider while always ensuring effective cost containment and quality of care. Our regular assessment of each case and discharge management processes help to minimize length of stay and identify any repatriation opportunities.


Our dedicated claims team performs detailed reviews of all received bills to ensure that the appropriate charges and contractual discounts are applied, subject to policy eligibility. We achieve the some of the highest possible discounts through our PPO and HMO networks and also negotiate directly with providers to minimize overall expenditures on out-of-network claims.

HMO and PPO Networks

World Travel Protection continues to develop and strengthen strategic partnerships with medical providers worldwide. This ensures a seamless experience for travellers, and minimization of medical expenditure for our clients. Our current HMO network provides for minimization of medical expenditure in a variety of ways:

  • Access to the strongest network discounts overall in the US
  • Ability to direct patients to medical providers with highest discounts through the use of their web-based directory
  • Claim editing software reviews bills to detect a variety of errors, such as;
    • duplication
    • unbundling
    • upcoding


This is accentuated by our wraparound PPO networks which ensure that the most optimal savings mechanism is utilized:

  • Proprietary network of hospitals and providers in popular travel destinations
  • Regional and national PPO networks


Assistance Services

Telemedicine: World Travel Protection has access to the largest provider of telehealth medical consultations in the US, allowing policy holders 24/7/365 access to affordable healthcare via phone and video consults.

House Call Physician Services: World Travel Protection has established relationships with various physician networks that make hotel visits throughout the world.

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