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About Us
In 2019, World Travel Protection provided cover to over 20 million business and leisure travellers for specialised services in medical emergency (including evacuation or repatriation), health, travel safety and travel assistance.

Our mission is to make our customer’s unexpected moments better. As a member of the Zurich Insurance Group, World Travel Protection is committed to our organization’s value proposition to deliver on its promises to customers, shareholders and the communities we work and live in with excellence and integrity at all times. While we are backed by a large global leader in the insurance marketplace, the size of World Travel Protection allows for a responsive approach to client needs.

As a core partner of the International Assistance Group® (IAG), World Travel Protection works with a network of global assistance providers to better service our customers no matter where they are in the world. Through the IAG, we are able to leverage the local expertise of more than 60 offices worldwide including more than 9,700 industry experts to offer unparalleled assistance services 24 hours a day. This means that our customers can travel anywhere in the world and World Travel Protection will be able to help if an unexpected event occurs.

World Travel Protection is committed to working with our partners to deliver cost-effective solutions that can truly make life’s unexpected moments better.

Case Study: WTP works to assist a family when a vacation takes a turn for the worse

While on a family cruise vacation, a 16 year old boy presented very serious symptoms including vomiting, foaming at the mouth, and bowel incontinence. A call to WTP’s 24-hour Emergency Assistance line allowed WTP’s in-house medical team to coordinate with the ship’s physician and determine that the patient required urgent medical care at the closest on-shore healthcare facility.

Once on land, the patient was transported by ambulance to a local healthcare facility and was found to be experiencing cerebral hemorrhaging.

WTP ensured that the following steps were taken:

  • The patient was given an MRI, which showed a Intraparenchymal hemorrhage in his left thalamus, which required urgent care at a specialized healthcare facility
  • WTP’s team found a sea-level, long distance air ambulance to evacuate the patient to a healthcare facility in Florida where specialized healthcare at a pediatric hospital could be offered
  • Once safe in the specialized healthcare facility, the patient was placed in the Intensive Care Unit where WTP’s medical team worked closely with the treating physicians
  • The World Travel Protection Team also worked with the patient’s mother to make arrangements for the family’s transport, accommodations, and any special requests through a very challenging time.
  • Seventeen days later, WTP’s Medical Team received confirmation of the patient’s medical approval to come home. The WTP team was excited and very happy to coordinate all the arrangements needed in order to bring the entire family home.

A note from the patient’s mother:

As a mom, I cannot express my thanks and appreciation from my heart. Your company saved my son’s life! He was in such critical condition and could have died at any time. Your quick action was just in time to save my son’s life. You gave me the most precious help – I never thought that such a disaster could happen to my healthy boy. Thank you so much again!